Dont start shit you dont know me
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Female 31
in my own mind, US
Single, Not Looking
Joined 09/2017
well i am new to this i am Bisexual ( prefer women ) anything ask
My Interest
depends really i can be a busy person
My Hobbies: braiding hair,hanging with the family, and hitting the clubs in my free time.
Favorite Music: R&B some Rap but not this trap music shit its disappointing lol.
Favorite Movies: Friday 13th series except jason goes to hell scream 1 the others suck ass halloween movies.
Favorite TV: The Firestick 😜
Favorite Books: harry potter dont judge me!
Favorite Games: got a Xbox one and a ps4 so that'll be gta v! Girls game too!
My Heroes: G.O.D. my parents!

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