elkokoloko amused 01-17-17 13:54
I need a bipolar latina in my life. Gawwd i love crazy bitches
elkokoloko busy 01-16-17 18:04
Work flow
elkokoloko 01-16-17 17:53
I friend request erbody bih u aint soecial
elkokoloko 01-13-17 16:54
I can put 10 rollies on my wrist and still not have time for all ur sht
elkokoloko 01-11-17 20:43
This sht gets old really fast
elkokoloko 01-11-17 17:13
Im sayin tho i aint even that picky i jus wanna bih that can mix it up on the stove
elkokoloko 01-11-17 10:21
If u could choose to have any super power, what would it be?
elkokoloko 01-10-17 19:24
Flexin on my next bih

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