Last Visit: 08/01/2017

elkokoloko amused 05-10-17 21:59
God loves me but he hates u. U can tell by how ugly he made u.
elkokoloko lazy 02-20-17 13:24
Waaay to fkin tired to go to work. Still gotta go tho
elkokoloko cheerful 02-16-17 17:29
Thirsty Thursday!!! Coronas in the system
elkokoloko tired 02-15-17 16:11
Fuk Wednesday's too
elkokoloko sad 02-14-17 23:18
Gf of 2yrs left me. I told her she was my #1 out of all my #2s. Who knew side chicks were so clingy
elkokoloko lazy 02-13-17 13:38
I hate whoever invented mondays!! Bak 2 work we go
elkokoloko cheerful 02-10-17 19:36
Ahora quien? Si no soi yo? M miro y loro en el espejo y me siento estupido, ilogico
elkokoloko amused 02-09-17 18:19
These chiks r savage af like how u curve ur own bf lmaooo
elkokoloko amused 02-09-17 17:25
Ion usually do this less im drunk or im high n im bof right now got me tlkin bout my life
elkokoloko stressed 02-06-17 20:31
Tired af wanna go home

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