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PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL & DON'T RE-UPLOAD MY GRAPHICS ON THIS SITE OR OTHER WEBSITES! "DON'T RE-UPLOAD what you downloaded from the site. Use SAVE TO FAVORITES instead," those are the SITE RULES! When you reload other people's pics, tones, or videos, it's called STEALING, because you are STEALING the stats and downloads from the rightful person who uploaded it first or created it! DOWNLOADING and UPLOADING are 2 different things! I put time and work into re-formatting my public graphics to be compatible for cell phone use; and many of them I created myself, animated them, or added something to them to give them my own personal touch! I DON'T MAKE MY GRAPHICS SO THAT OTHERS CAN RE-UPLOAD THEM TO TAKE CREDIT FOR THEM!! They are for downloading and mobile use ONLY, not to be re-uploaded onto your own blogs!! IF ANYBODY WANTS ANY OF MY GRAPHICS OR PICS PERSONALIZED OR RE-SIZED, I WILL BE HAPPY TO DO SO! My creations will have my initials, SDW, or SDWJ Or Sharon Denise Williams Jones on them. If you re-upload ANY of my graphics or pics or alter them in any way, they will be removed from your blog!! And, please, do NOT use my images as your own personal profile pic. If you'd like for me to create a profile pic for you, let me know and I will gladly do that for you!! I also do special requests for wallpapers animated. If you make a request, PLEASE let me know the image size your cell phone supports and if you don't know the size, let me know what kind of cell phone you have and I'll try to look it up for you!


Dear Heavenly Father By Sharon Jones

Dear Heavenly Father I come to you honest, faithful and true.
I ask you to guide my life in all that I do. To steer me on the right
path not the wrong. For I have lived my way far to long. I have tried
to do everything my own way. And I have failed day after day.
Dear Heavenly Father please here my plea. For you said you never forsake me.
You told me to be faithful and strong. And you would never leave me alone.
You promised to one day right all that is wrong. That is the only reason I hang on.
Dear Heavenly Father I thank you for being understanding, patient and kind.
For no other Father can I find. Who has been by my side even as I grew in my mother's womb. I long one day to meet you soon. To give you my life
back in return. That is your Love I have earn.

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medo gogo
Jul 20, 2017 10:10 PM
Kiss kiss i suck ur lips

Jul 20, 2017 03:19 PM
Have a propserous&Blessed day&weekend! GOD Bless us all💗

Jul 19, 2017 08:01 PM
Pretty Miss Lady Love Your Blonde Hair Looks Good On You

Jul 12, 2017 10:38 PM

Jul 6, 2017 08:26 PM

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