Hello Funformobile, just wanted to let everyone know I have been retired from uploading on this site for quite some time. I have occasionally popped in and out over the years, from now on I will try to check back once a month to accept friend request. Far as PMs go I'm sorry but I can not go through everybody's messages. I have thousands of messages and I honestly can't see myself opening them all. If a message subject catches my eye, I will do my best to respond back. I truly am not ignoring anybody, and if I had the time I would go through each and every message and respond back. Well that's it, thanks everyone for all the support and love Grin.

Queen Akasha's PROFILE
Real Name: Queen Akasha
Marital Status:
Occupation: Being Queen
City: Wouldn't You Like To Know
State: I Won't Tell
Country: United States
Member Since: August 23, 2007
Queen Akasha's INTEREST
General: Not much to say, I'm not your average female :D
Hobbies: Reading, Video Games, and Surfing the Web.
Music: All kinds Pop, Soft Rock, 70's, 80's and R/B. Honestly haven't been keeping tabs on the newest releases.
Movies: Queen Of The Damned, Legend, Labyrinth, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, (Vampire and Werwolf Movies)
Television: Xena: Warrior Princess, True Blood, Vampire Dairies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Books: Love to read, I spend a majority of my day reading fanfiction.net is my hide away.
Games: Mario and more Mario can't get enough of Super Mario World
Heroes: First and Foremost God
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